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The faking of a Las Vegas wedding and pregnancy announcement got Danielle Cohn a blast from fans earlier this year. Cohn together Mikey Tua her YouTuber ex-boyfriend faking was apparently for boosting their views.

Danielle’s father insists that she is two years younger, contrary to her claims of being 15 years old. Danielle is a young US star with over 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.7 million followers on Instagram.


Danielle got her first shot to fame through the app TikTok, which was formerly known as when she was nine years old in 2015. The young star stays with her mother Jennifer, a manager in California. Danielle’s mother has no single opposition to what her daughter does as she sees the beauty that lies in her being a millionaire.

The father has become concerned over the young Danielle’s massive following on Facebook. Dustin is worried about the number of online followers on Facebook posts that are heartfelt. Wouldn’t you be worried as a caring parent?

Dustin has had to use diplomatic means to deal with her daughter’s idea of being online, but this has never had any success. The methods have not solved anything since he thought that the system would work out and keep her safe. He has never approved her being on social media or has he loved the modeling and music that has always come her way. The concerns of the father are mainly in how the branding companies and the social media sites accept her when she is only 13 years of age. The age classifies her as a child.

The YouTube channel she owns in addition to pop singles and paid sponsorship makes Danielle’s net worth of ¬£1.75m. While to her, this is something, she is proud of, in addition to the continued growing online followers, her father is a worried man. His father’s concerns over her safety became a primary concern when he came across a board full of her photos on Pinterest.


The photos on Pinterest have got Dublin approaching some of the social media firms directly to have the pictures of her daughter out of the sites. Could it be that the social media platforms are not doing enough in checking the ages of those who are joining the sites?

Dustin trusted her mother to take full control of the daughter. Her mother was to take charge and control her social media channel and anything she posted online, but this has come to complete opposite. He agreed to have her live with the mother on the condition that she visits him once a month. The mother was also supposed to take control of her online posting.

Dustin has had several complaints about the pictures of her daughter. What horrified her more was when he saw photos of her daughter modeling in Calvin Klein lingerie in her room. Isn’t this beyond what a 13-year-old would do?

After the complaints, more pictures keep popping up on the sites. Other than taking down the photos, the claims are that Danielle likes the posts, and when removed, she loses likes. What is likes in line with her safety?

Dustin chooses to blast social media sites as they want not to listen to his concerns. He further accused them of child exploitation as they send her revealing clothing.

While addressing the branding companies directly, Dustin claims he has never approved of her daughter to do any promotions or ads. Will it be appropriate for her to promote front closure sports bras? Will the father approve of this?

Dustin insists that she is a child and has no rights or permission from him to work at all costs. The companies are, therefore going against the rules of the employment act. The companies and the people around her care more for the many than her security. If anyone is moving around with his acceptance signatures, they are fake and are after money. Why would anyone move around with forged signatures to get money when it is a daughter someone is protecting?

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The custody agreement is not strictly adhered to as the father goes for months without seeing her. The claim is according to the father. According to the agreement, the daughter had to visit him once a month for a whole week. Dustin claims that her daughter missed her wedding in addition to the fact that she dropped out of school.

Dustin lost his patience following numerous expressions of concerns especially of the fact that she was getting involved with older boys, including her ex Mickey Tua. The interests got him sharing his story on Facebook receiving 2800 comments and 1200 shares.

It is the father’s wish that she, Danielle, wakes up one day and realizes that her life should not be all about the money but mainly living as a child that she is. She has to be happy but not at the cost she is in at age 13. The father is never getting the chance to see her daughter for the principles he stands by on the social media posts.

On the other side, her mother defends her, claiming that it is the best thing as, with age, she will become a millionaire. The mother claims to have tried but given up and taken her side, letting it be about her. She has since resolved to support and accepting all her endeavors as she could not stop her from doing what she likes and what gets her money.

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Danielle responded to her father’s Instagram posts claiming that she is so tired of his concerns. She claims to have a life and that she is capable of making her own decisions. According to her, the father took the mother to catch as he could not pay child support.

Who is it write? Is it the mother and the child or the father? Who is within the right to do or claim what they claim or do? Are the companies right to have her as there branding employee?


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