How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

How to Get Cheap Car Insurance

cheap car insuranceMany people who own cars don’t fully understand the intricacies of car insurance. In fact, most car owners put their vehicles on insurance just to meet the road regulations in their country. Ultimately, because they don’t understand the dynamics of the service they’re paying for, they end up being over charged by insurance companies or getting a raw deal for their money. Here’s what to look for when shopping around for ideal cost friendly vehicle insurance.

Never Under-Estimate Local or Regional Insurance

Only a few companies control almost half a nation’s car insurance. Insurers like Progressive and Geico may have big names but less customer ratings when compared to smaller regional insurers like Auto Owners insurance. Yet the regional insurance could be cheaper. Compare rates for companies that serve your area. Sites like NerdWallet and Insurance Quotes NI could help you with insurance quotes NI.

Think Insurance When Buying That Car!

When considering models of cars to buy, many people naturally look at fuel efficiency, cost and availability of spare parts, cost of repair and the tax payable for the car. They forget to factor in insurance and end up paying dearly for this. Insurance premiums vary with car models. The owner of a Honda CR-V will probably pay $201 less car insurance premiums than the owner of a Rav 4. Therefore, it’s very important to consider the make and model of your car during purchase as it will determine the cost of your insurance cover.

Cheap May Not Be So Cheap

Insurance companies use a lot of resources advertising and marketing their products. Their main goal in going all out often is to convince you that they are the cheapest you will come around. When you do your research well you’ll be astounded to learn that a cheap insurance company in one state may be very expensive in another state. Besides, your idea of cheap should consider what the cover offers and the no-claim bonus that the company pays.  Some companies also try to play smart by offering price optimization where they will charge a lot less if they think you will likely change companies. Always do your research thoroughly and do your comparisons well when shopping for your ideal insurance company.

Consider Discounts

Consult with companies agents or check their websites to know what discounts the company offers. Discount given by insurers vary from one company to another and from one location to another. Companies may offer discount for customers who pay their premiums in bulk or fewer installments, those with clean records in their driving licence or those whose cars have anti-theft or safety features. Companies may also offer discount for customers who purchase other policies or those who insure multiple vehicles. Again, it’s important to talk to insurance agents about their specific bargains.

No Need for Collision and Comprehensive Cover for Old Car

Collision coverage is normally to repair damage caused during accident with another vehicle or object while comprehensive coverage is for vehicle damage by weather, animals or vandalism or reimbursement in case of theft. Since these only pay out the value of your car, it may not be so wise to dig into your pockets for the two premiums.

Usage Base Plans Are a Good Option

There are programs offered by your insurers that allow them to track your driving electronically and then offer discounts. Based on how you drive, when and how much you drive this could actually be a money saver for safe drivers.


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