Motivation to Exercise

Getting the Motivation to Exercise

how to get fitFor many people, the biggest challenge to getting in shape is simply finding the motivation it takes to put in the time and the effort. But there are some effortless ways to encourage yourself to work out to lose weight, build muscle and transform your body. Here are some tips I learned along the journey to my own fitness success.

Health and fitness is about more than looking good on the beach

When I first started working out, I did it because I wanted to look good on the beach with my shirt off. My goal was to gain a lot of muscle mass quickly. It was all about getting ripped. If my motivation hadn’t changed I wouldn’t have continued to work out. I wasn’t building muscle as fast as I hoped but I was seeing other changes. My energy level was improving. My stress level decreased. Heart problems I experienced for years were getting better. Even my digestion and complexion improved. In short, I felt great even without a six pack.

Many people start exercising when they want to look good for the beach or an event. But the truth is, there is no super-fast way to lose weight or build muscle safely. Instead of focusing on appearance, exercise to gain energy, feel better and live longer. Those are goals that you will begin to meet the very first time you exercise.

Find Someone to Help You Work Out

One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome to motivate myself to workout was a lack of knowledge of what to do. I owned weights but wasn’t sure how to use them. What are the best exercises and how many reps should I do? How long and how often should I exercise? How do I balance weight training and cardio? These issues were resolved when I started using a fitness program called P90X. It told me what exercises to do, how to do them and when to do them. I now had a plan to get in shape.

In a perfect world, everyone would be able to hire a personal trainer to create a specialized workout program. While, unfortunately, that is not an option for most people, there are other alternatives that can fill the role of a personal trainer to help get you on the right track. DVD programs like P90X or Slim in 6 give great guidance on the proper ways to workout. And if you don’t want to spend the money, there are hundreds of YouTube videos and other websites that can help you get started. Find a reputable source who can ensure you do the right exercises to meet your fitness goals.

Simple Exercises are the Best

I was always under the impression that getting in shape required a lot of expensive equipment and fitness expertise. Like many people I bought elaborate exercise machines that promised incredible results and only delivered disappointment. My breakthrough came when I realized that simple exercises like push-ups and situ-ups were actually more effective than the overpriced equipment I bought or the machines at the gym.

Simple exercises are always better to achieve results because they are easy to remember and repeat. Instead of lifting a ton of weight to begin, start with a few push-ups (from your knees if you must) and move from there. Sit-ups are hard for some people, but there are other ab exercises that can be done any time of the day. Cardio can be as simple as jumping jacks or running in place. The trick is to keep it basic and don’t overdo it right away (no one really needs to do one arm push-ups). Keeping it simple will increase your chances of working out in the future.

Find a Weight Loss Product that Works

People generally look down on weight loss products because most of them don’t work. However, if you do diligent research into finding a weight loss product that works, it can increase your exercise routines effectiveness 10-fold. Here are a few reputable weight loss products that can be found in South Africa:

Exercise Where you are Comfortable

For a time, I visited a gym regularly in an effort to be intentional about my fitness regimen. Unfortunately, by the time I drove to the gym, got ready in the locker room, hit the machines, grabbed my stuff and drove home, my thirty-minute workout quickly became an hour and a half. It didn’t take long for the gym to become too much for my schedule and I stopped going. Now I work out at home and get better results without all the wasted time.

If you are using simple exercises, any room with a little space is enough to use for workouts. Find a place that you like and is comfortable. A bedroom or living room is ideal because they are often well used rooms in the house. A basement can also be an excellent choice so long as it’s not a dark, damp area with a ton of junk in it. Work out in a place you enjoy and chances are you’ll work out there again.

Getting motivated to get fit

In the world of fitness my biggest enemy was myself. It was only when I made slight changes to the way I worked out that it was less of a chore and I started doing it regularly. Now I feel great, look better than ever, and have enough energy to take on the world every day. You can have the same results too. It’s within your reach if you want to pursue it.



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