New York’s 6 Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Vintage Clothing Stores: New York’s 6 Best Vintage Clothing Stores

Are you the one-of-a-kind piece vintage type, or the retro type? Do you love vintage but only find 200$ not affordable high-end or Chanel pumps? Well, we come bearing the good news. A list of our NYC best clothing stores can help you revamp your closet and give you the million dollar look you’ve been yearning for, for unbelievable amount.

1. New York Vintage

This top-notch boutique has vintage designer pieces that date back to the 1850s. Some of the designs from this store have been featured in theater and movie sets like Kinky Boots and The Wolf of Wall Street. Before you opt to buy buy party dress online, stop by the New York Vintage. If you are a fashionista, this is where you can walk away with period cocktail dresses, Chanel earrings and Gucci strappy sandals. These are not the type of The store even rents out museum-quality pieces that are stored in an upstairs showroom and you can only see or fit them on appointment.

2. Ritual Vintage

This hand-picked clothing store carries unique pieces ranging from antique items from 1850 to 1950, to modern stylish pieces. The most recent pieces that have gained popularity from this store are an elegant pair of Ralph Lauren rose-print lace-up espadrilles, and a deep-green studded Yves Saint Laurent suit from the 1980s. Since the clothes have been hand-picked by the store owners, you are sure to walk away with something you love that every other person will want to have but can’t.

3. Metropolis Vintage

You will hear a number of celebrities mentioning Metropolis Vintage store as one of their favorite shopping places. This is because the store carries breezy summer rompers, sports jerseys, sort after leather jackets, and also some of the best vintage T-shirt collections. Unique pieces from the 1990s, like a shimmery silver zebra sweatshirt of black and purple color, and leather Coach Purse covered in gold studs, will definitely rob you of all the money in your wallet when you walk into this store.

4. Procell

Created for late ‘80s and early ‘90s monomaniacs, this store located directly opposite Bowery Ballroom stocks unique street wear. Some of the pieces that will leave you with nostalgia are over sized Wu-Tang shirt, rugged sexy Timberland/Gucci printed boots, Smashing Pumpkins concert tee, Troll, Keith Haring keychain and a patch.

5. Mr. Throwback

This vintage men’s clothing store was created by Michael Spitz (an ex-accountant) in 2011. Its other specialties far from the 90’s and 80’s pieces that Michael had been collecting for 8 years are sports attire like FUBU jackets, NBA snapback that you can get for as low as 30$. You will also find Batman, WWF, and Space Jam regalia along with VHS player screening favorites like Home Alone and Mighty Ducks. OH and did I mention the 50 Cent’s giant machine vending stickers? With all these, it’s no surprise that celebs like Scarlett Johansson and Kid Cudi adorn pieces from this store.

6. Star Struck Vintage Clothing

Picture yourself wearing a Pink Floyd concert tee, a well-worn Fleetwood Mac, or a GNR with a vintage brass belt buckle and a pork pie hat (you could also pick the fedora, cowboy hats or top hats in a range of neutrals). If you can picture this, and you love the look then look no further, Star Struck has everything to make this dream look come true.


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