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Dad Uses 3D Printer to Convince His Kids He Stole the Moon!

“Have you noticed that the moon has disappeared?”, a dad asked his children Thursday last week. It’s not a solar eclipse, but it’s a funny prank where a dad convinced his children that he had stolen the moon.

This father is a so-called maker and took a great opportunity to chill a little with his children in front of a full moon the children have been waiting for.

3d printed moon prank

A couple of weeks before the full moon was due, Roy Spire took the time to plan his “moon bargain”. He started designing a 3D printed shell with a moon-like facade on the outside. Inside the shell he put in some color-changing LED lights that gave a moon-like luster. He then used a Flash Forge Creator Pro 3D printer for the printing process.

To get the best effect on their children’s reaction, the dad let down the moon in a box he showed when he told his children that he had stolen the moon.

The children were so light-headed, they were skeptical that Dad could really sneak the moon, they would not believe it was true. The father explained in a reddit thread. “At first they thought I was lying so we Read the rest

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