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April 2018 - Radio Puntarenas

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Dad Uses 3D Printer to Convince His Kids He Stole the Moon!

“Have you noticed that the moon has disappeared?”, a dad asked his children Thursday last week. It’s not a solar eclipse, but it’s a funny prank where a dad convinced his children that he had stolen the moon.

This father is a so-called maker and took a great opportunity to chill a little with his children in front of a full moon the children have been waiting for.

3d printed moon prank

A couple of weeks before the full moon was due, Roy Spire took the time to plan his “moon bargain”. He started designing a 3D printed shell with a moon-like facade on the outside. Inside the shell he put in some color-changing LED lights that gave a moon-like luster. He then used a Flash Forge Creator Pro 3D printer for the printing process.

To get the best effect on their children’s reaction, the dad let down the moon in a box he showed when he told his children that he had stolen the moon.

The children were so light-headed, they were skeptical that Dad could really sneak the moon, they would not believe it was true. The father explained in a reddit thread. “At first they thought I was lying so we Read the rest

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Health Matters: How Much Do Registered Nurses Earn?

The medical and health care industry is constantly growing and improving as the professionals in it. There is always a need for new people to fill positions of those who retire, leave the profession or move up the ladder to fill higher positions.

registered nurse

With many economic insecurities today, having a career that can take you anywhere, through good and bad economic times, will give you a good income and that has room for advancement is important. Becoming a registered nurse will give you all of this.

Registered nurses are in demand in the United States. No matter the economic outlook, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and other places with medical staff need registered nurses to look after sick people.

If you are considering a career as a Registered Nurse, you may have many questions. You should find out who a registered nurse, their education requirements, how to become one, the best nurse stethoscope to use and their job description.

What is an RN?

An RN is a registered nurse. This is a licensed professional that takes care of patients in hospitals, at home, at camps, schools, etc. They are the front-line workers who give medications, change dressings, initiate and run IVs

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